For Professional Women

Are you working under a lot of pressure, achieving success in the workplace,
but actually missing the deeper connection with yourself and those around you?
Let me show you how to regain your inner peace & ease,

and become more present for yourself and those you love.

Inner Peace & Ease

In this free class, I will guide you through two mindfulness exercises to calm your mind and relax your body.

Thursday, 7 November '19

08:00 PM CET

During this LIVE class, you will learn to:

Quiet Your Mind

Learn to breathe deeper with the 4-7-8 breathing technique, to calm down your mind.

Relax Your Body

Sink deeper into your body awareness with a guided body-scan meditation, for body relaxation.

Connect To Yourself Again

Feel your body, emotions and mind from the observer standpoint within you. Connect to yourself again.

Yes, I want inner peace & ease!

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Meet Catherine van Royen

Mindfulness Trainer

Catherine’s passion is to help women to connect more deeply within, in order to promote inner well being and loving connections with partner, friends and family.

As a former lawyer in one of Netherlands top law firms, she knows what a toll hard work can take on the connection with your own heart and the relationships with others.

During the years she lived in Asia, and through long silent meditation retreats, she developed an inner space of silence and light where she can rest & recharge from the busy world. She loves to teach this to other women.


Relaxation techniques for hard working professional women, who long for inner connection.

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